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August 28, 2020 administrator

Talking About Depression | Parent Tips

  • Choose a time when the young person is relaxed and unlikely to be distracted. 
  • Be natural and don’t overthink it. Start by sharing your concern. 
  • Be prepared for rejection. If they don’t want to talk, try again later. 
  • Check your emotions and be realistic, while telling them you care and want to help. 
  • Discuss what you have noticed and why you are concerned. 
  • Ask questions about how they feel. 
  • Let them guide the conversation.  
  • Tell them it is important to discuss their feelings. 
  • Try to understand their reaction and help them to feel at ease. Let them know that crying is OK.
  • Seek a balance between helping and encouraging their independence. 
  • Provide information about depression and the types of help available.
  • Respect their privacy but explain the benefits of telling trusted people. Let them know that professional help is confidential and easy to access.

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