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Teens 101:

Everything You Need to Know About Teenagers – and More.

Teens 101 tackles drugs, social media, sex, mental health, and respect.

The 180-page reference book draws upon the latest research, expert advice, and practical resources to help parents and carers navigate the teen years and start important conversations with their children. No holds are barred, and no topic is shirked.

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Parent Guides is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating and providing information to parents of school-aged children about a range of issues youths face today.

We want teens, parents and educators to have the resources they need to openly discuss and learn about potentially tricky topics.

Our Guides:

Digital Editions: $6, Print Editions: $25 Incl. Postage.

RESPECT 101 Digital Edition is Currently Available for FREE. Click here to go to the download page.


Social Media 101 Booklet Cover
Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Everything parents need to know about the social media landscape that our kids are so entrenched in. Learn about different platforms, cyber bullying and more.

Sex 101 Booklet Cover
Sex 101

Sex 101

Start an open conversation with your kids about sex. Covering puberty, relationships, sexting, contraception, STIs, sex and the law and diversity, this guide is a must read for all parents.

Respect 101 Booklet Cover

Respect 101

Learn what respectful behaviour is, how to turn disrespectful into respectful, how to create life-long relationships and how to embed respect within the culture of adolescence.

Mental Health 101 Booklet Cover
Mental Health 101

Mental Health 101

Mental health can be a difficult topic to understand for parents. Learn about mental health and how it affects young people. Help yourself help your kids to be aware and proactive about mental health.

Drugs 101 Booklet Cover
Drugs 101

Drugs 101

Expert knowledge and insight into tackling the drug and alcohol issues that affect all our kids today, tailored specifically for everyday mums and dads.


“Here at Monivae College I often find the students accessing these resources and I wholeheartedly encourage them to do so. I have just ordered copies of the newly published Teens 101. These resources will be used by our Director of Students and our library will display them prominently. It shall be my aim to advertise Teens 101 to the wider school community, i.e. parents, as I do believe these books are a must-have for any school.”

Maryanne Gustus, Head of Library, Monivae College

“Parent Guides continues to progress in leaps and bounds, providing factual and non-preachy guides for parents of teens. Teens 101 is a must for every school or organisation wanting to make research-based content and conversation guides available for parents.”

​Michelle Mitchell, Parenting Educator- Author-Speaker

Firbank Grammar School

“Eileen & her team had been working with us for more than two years. It has been great to work collaboratively to develop the information resources & run the information evenings for our school community. Each resource has been drafted with care and expertise to ensure that they are a useful resource for families navigating life. The 101 Parent Guide series are informative & contain relevant, pertinent information. As a school it is great to be able to give our families concrete relevant information to walk out with. It’s a resource we can keep referring back to & can be used as a conversation starter with young people at home.”

​Kate Major, Director of Wellbeing, Firbank Grammar School


“The Social Media 101 parent guide is a valuable resource for our parents. We now live in a society that is rich with information where we can find everything we need to know online. However, parents often face the dilemma of filtering through information and having to work hard to find reliable sources. Social Media 101 is a well-balanced, easy-to-read, carefully-collected guide that has provided information and support to many of our families.”

Pitsa Binnion, Principal, McKinnon Secondary College

Sex 101 Parent Feedback

“At Trinity Grammar School, staff have worked with Eileen Berry on Parent Guides for Drugs 101 and Mental Health 101. Thes​e resources​ offer a comprehensive, but effective way to update parents on current issues affecting young people. They are both factual, with plenty of research findings included, but also reveal compelling personal stories from young people, parents and experts in the field. They are visually impressive and compliment other information provided to parents from our school regarding student wellbeing.​”

Annabel Coburn, Head of Counselling, Trinity Grammar School, Kew

“The latest event in our ‘McKinnon Parent Series’, Mental Health 101, was a great success thanks to the support and guidance from Eileen Berry from “Parent Guides”. Parent Guides have become an incredibly popular and appreciated resource within our parent community as they provide our parents with a take-home resource that not only provides them with access to reliable, relevant and up-to-date information but also a conversation starter and a resource that can be shared with friends and family.

Patty Etcell, Wellbeing Coordinator, McKinnon Secondary College

“A big warm thank you for your support and your contribution to our education capsule on 19 June 2019. Parent Guides’ insights and perspective on BIG issues like RESPECT are of great value to us and our readers. I am hopeful that we can continue with this sort of collaboration in the future.”

Kimberly Barry, Senior Business Manager, Education, Domain, Nine

“This not-for-profit organisation has produced a number of resources beginning with Drugs 101 in 2015. School communities can purchase these valuable resources as they are, or they can be tailored for specific schools with particular needs. They have recently produced their fourth guide (Sex and Social Media were the others) – Mental Health 101. This guide, like all the others, contains up-to-date and accurate information, well-designed graphics, and, most importantly, a wide range of tips for parents. Schools looking for a resource with a difference need look no further…”

Paul Dillon, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia Pty Ltd

“Eileen Berry from Parent Guides is able to provide insightful and thoughtful commentary for staff encountering the challenges of teenagers with her practical, no-nonsense approach. We plan to add Parent Guides as part of the mental health resources we offer at AAP, with the aim of providing sensible, helpful advice to better equip the parents and carers among our staff.”

Bruce Davidson, CEO, Australian Associated Press

“What an outstanding contribution this resource (Social Media 101) will make in the lives of Australian parents. For too long we have relied upon resources from the UK, Europe and the US and your weaving Australian data into the infographics is most timely … Congratulations on making such a valuable contribution to the lives of Australian parents as they face the challenges of digital parenting.”

Robyn Treyvaud, Founder CyberSafeKids

“Public Libraries have a critical role in ensuring universal access to quality information. Casey Cardinia Libraries value our partnership with Parent Guides. Parent Guides provide straight forward, accessible and accurate information that has proved to be an amazing resource for parents and their children. Their guides and educational events have resonated with the communities we serve and have made a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Chris Buckingham, Chief Executive Officer, Casey Cardinia Libraries

“The moment Eileen Berry saw the play ‘Jess Chooses Life’, she saw it as a logical companion to her work with Parent Guides (Mental Health 101) and the reverse was instantly true. The support and the dimension the two projects give one another is invaluable and we know that one day, the play and the companion resources will break through to the wider acceptance they deserve.”

Alan Hopgood AM


“I have an open, honest relationship with my three girls and – I guess naively – the threat of drugs and alcohol is not something I have ever particularly feared. Drugs 101 has set me straight, however. Something that resonated most was the fact that a young person’s frontal lobe is not fully developed until they are 27. As Odyssey House counselor Rene de Sant’Anna is quoted saying, we need to be our child’s frontal lobe.”
Jane Willson

“I hope more schools follow Strathcona’s lead and plan community discussions for educators, families and students using this invaluable new resource. Congratulations Eileen Berry on an impressive achievement.”
Michelle Hamer

“As a parent of four teenage children, drugs and their effects on our community is one of our biggest fears. Drugs 101 is a valuable resource that will help educate parents with children of all ages. It was easy to read and very informative.”
Stephanie Kelly

“Thanks to Drugs 101 for providing real information about real real issues in our everyday real lives.”
Minnie (McKinnon parent)

“Drugs 101 is an important resource for parents, supporting them to have honest and open conversations with their children about drug use and providing useful advice about the warning signs.”
Carol Kelly (Executive Director – Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division, Department of Education & Training)

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