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March 29, 2019 administrator

Parents Must Model Respectful Behaviour

Parent Guides “tell it like it is”.

With the consequences of bad behaviour and broken relationships in the media spotlight, a new guide aims to help parents and carers to develop in their children a sense of respect.

Melbourne media identity Eileen Berry says many topical issues, such as violence against women and generally abusive behaviour, stem from a lack of respect. She says most people are respectful, but a significant minority do not demonstrate it in public or at home.

“This can result in sexism, racism, violence and other destructive behaviours,” she says.

Respect 101 is the latest in Eileen’s Parent Guides series. It helps families define respect and encourage it in their children. “Respect 101 identifies what respectful behaviour is, how to turn disrespectful into respectful, how to create life-long relationships and how to embed respect within the culture of adolescence,” Eileen says.

“This can apply at home, in school, in relationships and the community. It is important for parents and carers to model good behaviour and talk to their young people about what is and isn’t appropriate.”

The guide contains statistics, expert advice and case studies to inform and start important conversations between parents and carers and their teenagers. It covers issues such as:Respect 101 Booklet Cover

  • How adults can be good role models and set the standard;
  • How language can be used to demonstrate respect and disrespect for others;
  • What schools are doing to engender respect;
  • How social media can promote – as well as discourage – respect;
  • The importance of respecting different cultures and abilities;
  • How to deal with disrespectful situations, such as family violence;
  • Programs and organisations that discourage violence and bullying.

Parenting Guides Ltd, a registered charity, has produced five parenting resources – Drugs 101, Sex 101, Social Media 101, Mental Health 101 and Respect 101. It is also planning Gambling and Gaming 101, Body Image 101, Anxiety 101, Resilience 101 and Money 101.

Parent Guides collaborates with high schools to host parent nights, where a panel of experts from the community discuss their experiences and take questions from the audience – no holds barred. “These nights have provided a useful forum in which parents (and teachers) can learn from others, share ideas and contribute to the debate,” Eileen says.                                                                                                                              

For more details: Eileen Berry, Parent Guides Founder
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