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The Impact of Social Media on Teenage Girls.

“I can’t imagine a more vulnerable generation of young women”. Parent Guides panelist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg speaking to parents at Firbank Girls Grammar about teenage girls in the age of social media.

Kids on Ice: Stories To Educate Parents and Teachers About Drugs

“I started taking Ice at about 18 and a half…all the way through my using I worked flat-out. I actually used drugs so I could work harder.” Like many Australian kids, Travis Barugh started drinking when he was in primary school. This gradually developed into a fully fledged Ice addiction.

Think a Student is on Drugs? Teachers May Need to Rethink Their Approach.

Psychologist Paula Ross offers some advice to teachers about the importance of reacting properly to the revelation or possibility that a student might be taking or having issues with drugs or alcohol.

Parent Guides Sex 101 Parent Information Night.

Sex 101 Parent Information Seminar at Firbank Grammar School. Former Principal Heather Norton states the importance of having these conversations and educating parents as well as students.