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Parent Guides is an Australian not-for-profit organisation committed to helping parents of school-aged kids educate themselves on a range of issues facing young people today. Communication is key.

Produced by experienced professionals passionate about making a difference, our guides inform parents, teachers and carers about sensitive issues. These are issues like drugs, social media and sex. We use engaging and contemporary content to tell it like it is without being alarmist. Ultimately, our aim to inform and spark open, honest and meaningful conversations between parents and teens.

Our tone lends itself to real discussions that have never been more important. The pressure on young people to perform at school, conform on social media and experiment with a wide range of legal and illegal drugs continues to grow. They need relevant and informed support to help them deal with all this and thrive into young adulthood.

Parenting today’s teenagers is daunting. The world has changed and parents who think they know it all probably don’t. They may have “been there, done that” when it comes to sex and drugs but life is very different for their kids. They’re being exposed to a whole new range of drugs and the unprecedented challenges of social media. Our guides feature current research, experts and real-life stories about parents and teenagers doing their best to cope in an increasingly complicated world.

No holds are barred.

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We’re Bringing Panels of Experts to Schools

Firbank Panel Night

Parent Guides Panel Night at Firbank for Drugs 101

We work closely with secondary schools to produce parent information events. These panels bring together experts, teachers and parents to discuss the crucial issues covered in our guides.

In 2015, we worked with Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School to stage a successful Drugs 101 night attended by more than 100 parents. Strathcona principal Marise McConaghy was joined by Victoria Police Youth Resource Officer Greg Garrison, Berry Street’s Claire Gardner, Turning Point’s Fiona Blee, Austin Hospital psychiatrist Dr Hanna Cheng, Monash University psychologist Maria Yap and City of Boroondara Local Government Officer Shaun O’Brien.

The experts discussed drugs from their perspective, explaining what young people were using and how they obtained it. Parents were able to ask questions about their own personal situation or the big picture.

These events are open, honest and invaluable. They arm school staff and parents with information and ideas to start important conversations with teenagers. We’ve also held panel evenings at other schools including Firbank Girls Grammar, McKinnon Secondary College and Mentone Girls’ Secondary College with over 400 parents in attendance at some events.

If you’d like more information about holding one of our panel evenings at your school please contact us here.