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“I have an open, honest relationship with my three girls and – I guess naively – the threat of drugs and alcohol is not something I have ever particularly feared. Drugs 101 has set me straight, however. Something that resonated most was the fact that a young person’s frontal lobe is not fully developed until they are 27. As Odyssey House counselor Rene de Sant’Anna is quoted saying, we need to be our child’s frontal lobe.”
Jane Willson

“I hope more schools follow Strathcona’s lead and plan community discussions for educators, families and students using this invaluable new resource. Congratulations Eileen Berry on an impressive achievement.”
Michelle Hamer

“As a parent of four teenage children, drugs and their effects on our community is one of our biggest fears. Drugs 101 is a valuable resource that will help educate parents with children of all ages. It was easy to read and very informative.”
Stephanie Kelly

“Thanks to Drugs 101 for providing real information about real real issues in our everyday real lives.”
Minnie (McKinnon parent)

“Drugs 101 is an important resource for parents, supporting them to have honest and open conversations with their children about drug use and providing useful advice about the warning signs.”
Carol Kelly (Executive Director – Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division, Department of Education & Training)

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