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December 16, 2017 Eileen Berry

Youth Mental Health in the Spotlight

Parent Guides: ‘Tell it like it is’.

‘Honest and open conversation is a must for parents and carers dealing with teenagers mental health issues.’ Says a new resource that tells it like it is.

Melbourne media identity Eileen Berry says ‘Suicide, anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-harm, eating disorders and other mental illnesses are all taking a terrible toll on young people.’

But she says parents can help minimise these and other issues by educating themselves about building resilience in children by knowing how to approach problems if they arise.

Eileen, who cared for a nephew who lived (and continues to live) with a drug problem for many years, has released Mental Health 101, the fourth in her Parent Guides series. It covers major mental illnesses and provides parents with expert advice on how to minimise and/or deal with them.

“It is also important to put these issues in context,” Eileen says. “Six in seven young people do not have a mental health disorder. But we need to do what we can for those who do.”

Mental Health 101 contains statistics, expert advice and case studies involving families and health professionals to provide a full overview. We hope parents will use the information, drawn from reputable sources, to start important conversations with their teenagers.”

Parent Guides Ltd:

Parenting Guides Ltd, a registered charity, has produced four Parent Guides, Drugs 101, Sex 101, Social Media 101 and Mental Health 101. It is also planning Gambling and Gaming 101, Body Image 101, Anxiety 101, Resilience 101 and Money 101.

Parent Guides assist schools by organising discussion evenings where a panel of experts talk about their experiences and answer parents’ questions. – no holds barred.

“These nights have provided a useful forum where parents can learn from others, share ideas and contribute to the debate”

For more details, contact Eileen Berry, Parent Guides Founder:
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Parenting Guides Ltd ABN 786 2129 8093 is a not-for-profit organisation

Eileen Berry

Eileen Berry: Telling it like it is

Eileen Berry has never shirked a tough issue as a respected editor and media identity known for her generosity towards fellow professionals.

Eileen’s latest project, Parent Guides, fulfils a long-held dream to help parents help young people negotiate their increasingly tricky teen years. Motivated by her experience in caring for a nephew who lived with drug problems for many years, she knows how tough life can be for modern families.

“Young people have never had so many communication tools, yet communicating with them is as tricky as ever,” Eileen says. “Strong ethics drive our passion to develop and create content that is transparent, trustworthy and relevant. We tell it like it is to inform parents and carers, sparking important conversations.”

“Parent Guides empower parents to take ownership. They encourage young people to be open about what they are doing and thinking. We want to champion change and minimise and prevent harm.”

Eileen speaks from considerable experience as a media professional and mentor. After working as a journalist and editor at The Age, she helped shape the Melbourne media landscape.

From 2010-2014, Eileen was the founding editor of The Weekly Review and played a key role in the free glossy publication’s immediate success. Gathering a talented team of journalists and production staff, she created a product that captured readers in a print market.

Since 2014 Eileen has channelled her considerable energy into Parent Guides, which produces factual, non-alarmist 36-page resources. Covering topics such as drugs, sex, social media and mental health.

Working with schools and reputable experts, Eileen and her team of experienced writers have created not-for-profit resources. They’re popular with teachers, academics, health professionals, and, of course, parents. Eileen is also vice- president of the Melbourne Press Club.